Core Values






Relentless pursuit of professional competence and core competitiveness is the key to ensure the enterprise leads the industry.


Continuous innovation in product concepts, business model and management approach is the source of power for sustainable development of the enterprise.


Constant creation of value for customers, employees, partners, shareholders and society is a way for the enterprise to achieve its own value.


Employees regard work as a cause, and take the initiative to assume responsibilities for the company. The company regards the cause as the mission of a corporate citizen, and shoulders all the responsibilities for the country and society.

Business Philosophy

Sunshine Business

Cooperation &

Win-win Situation

Sunshine Business
operation and win-win cooperation

As a public company, Kaisa has always insisted on a high standard of corporate governance, and upheld the corporate governance structure of a listed company. Adhering to the concept of openness, transparency and fairness, Kaisa is committed to working hand-in-hand with all partners under the principles of standardization, credibility and mutual benefit, to achieve win-win cooperation.

Core Cultural Gene


Hard Wroking



Material resources will eventually be exhausted, only culture can last forever.

Over the past decade, Kaisa has continued to inherit and develop an excellent culture, making the

enterprise stand out proudly in a highly competitive market.

  • Simple

    Kaisa favors simplification of complex issues, simplification of work processes and simplification of internal relations.

  • Hard Wroking

    Keep fighting is the deep-rooted spiritual trait of Kaisa. Whether to start a business with painstaking efforts or to confront difficulties, Kaisa’s persevering and tenacious spirit ensures it continues to create miracles.

  • Modest

    Modest is Kaisa's work attitude. With the attitude of unassuming, diligent, professional and concentration, Kaisa strives to achieve the goal.

  • Efficient

    Efficiency is Kaisa's job requirements. Only rapid response and efficient execution can ensure the enterprise is full of vitality.