Arts & sports trainning

Future Vision: One-stop Education Programs to Nurture Children and Teenagers

As a proprietary brand found by KCST towards the internationalized professional cultural and sports education, Kaisa Lefire devotes to create a platform as one-stop education programs to nurture Chinese,children and teenagers. Based on not only venues and spaces operated by KSCT but also a top faculty of state-level sports and artistic professionals, Lefire offers professionalized training programs including sports, arts and family education for trainees. 

there are 16 training bases in China

professional coach100+

trainees in the coaching base50000+

Cooperating relationship with
primary and high schools (Shenzhen)10+

Teaching Concept

Core Advantages

  • National star coaching team

    Main coach team formed by former national team players, former professional athletes, national first-level athletes and senior coaches.

  • International-event-standard Venues and Places

    Different from the single training program and the decentralized training model in ordinary training institutions, Kaisa Lefire International Sports School adopts a leading "1 + 1" main and auxiliary course elective system, so that trainees can experience multiple training programs at the same time.

  • Standard Venue for International Sports Events

    Kaisa Lefire has several training bases in Shenzhen at present, i.e. Shenzhen Universiade Center, Nanshan Culture and Sports Center, Yantian Sports Center and so on, offering simultaneous access to international-standard multi-venue facilities.

  • Providing the heavy-operation OMO service platform for training institutions.

    Unlike specific sole programs or decentralized education patterns of common training institutions, KaisaLefirecreates its own featured sharing platform of customers’flow via taking advantages of heavy operation, integration of venues and places, mature online tools and cooperation with professional education institutions.


Development Path

Shenzhen Longgang (Universiade Center) - Shenzhen Nanshan (Nanshan Culture and Sports Center、Nanshan Cultural Center) - Foshan (Gaoming Sports Center) -Huizhou (Zhongkai Gymnasium)-Hubei Wuhan(WUhuan Sports Center)-Guangxi Guigang(Guigang Sports Center)