A Large Operator of Cultural and Sports Assets in China

Founded in 2013, Kaisa Culture Sports & Technology Group (KCST) is a professional group of Kaisa group that devotes to forging China’s most valuable resource-integrating platform of cultural and sports industries. Currently, KCST has operated 22 landmark cultural & sports venues successfully among important cities including Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, etc. with nearly 1.95 million m² areas and a total asset of over 11.1 billion CNY.

  • covering an operating venue area 1.95 million ㎡
  • Manage stadiums and venues total assets over 11.1 Billion yuan
  • Annual investment and activities 600 site

With the coming golden age of the culture and sports industry in China, KCSG has established a strategy to target this 5 trillion (CNY) worth industry. It has adopted an asset-light and operation-focused management concept, and has a platform-based development strategy focused on internationalization and specialization. KCST initiates a development model consisting of the management of cultural & sports assets (as "one core") and the development of contents and technologies (as "two engines"), which pursues the synergy among these three business segments. This model thoroughly integrates various cultural and sports offerings such as events, shows, education & training programs, smart services, technological products and industrial incubation, in order to provide diverse, systematic and smart solutions for the value appreciation of assets andcreate new users’experiences.

Utilizing "Internet+" business and terminal value of the venues.

Based on the venue platform, the Group has invested in, introduced, or holds 600 major domestic and international events, performances and exhibition activities every year, and has created its own event IP.

Through its marketing operations, it has revitalized venue resources and comprehensively leveraged them to develop Kaisa Lefire and other related businesses.

The Group has mastered the entire industry chain’s resources such as the venue platform, upstream industry content development, mid and downstream integrated activity promotion, derivative business activities, etc., to build a unique cultural and sports industry ecosystem.

Charity & Social Responsibility

In addition to commercial service, KCST also actively participates in public welfare undertakings, social responsibility, its venues open all the year round, providing the national fitness services such as football, badminton, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming etc., up to now it has free reception of citizens over 600,000 person-time, safeguarded and performed nearly 220 field large urban public welfare activities every year, attracting lots of people to participate in at no charge. KCST integrates the spiritual pursuit of enterprises into the value chain of philanthropic activities to realize healthy and sustainable development of the enterprises.